The Calligraphy Society of Ottawa

Traditional and contemporary hand lettering continues to flourish in the National Capital Region, thanks in large part to the Calligraphy Society of Ottawa. Founded in 1984, the organization now boasts a membership of over 70 calligraphy enthusiasts, ranging from professional lettering artists to enthusiastic hobbyists and observers.

The group's nine general meetings per year allow members to take advantage of programs and talks on specific areas of interest, and to make use of the society's extensive library. The library contains more than 500 publications on calligraphy, illumination, gilding, papermaking, bookbinding and other related crafts, as well as newsletters from 35 other guilds and societies.

The Calligraphy Society of Ottawa also strives to increase public awareness of the lettering arts. An unjuried exhibition of members' work is held annually at the downtown branch of the Ottawa Public Library.

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The Calligraphy Society of Ottawa

P.O. Box 4265,

Station "E", Ottawa, K1S 5B3

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Updated Aug. 21, 2015